Production travel for the tv & movie industry

The Sixth Sense specializes in transport solutions for the creative industries, with dedicated staff that understands the unique demands of this travel challenge.


Individual / group tickets, charter flights, private jet transport, flexible travel … We get you to where you need to be.

Cargo / luggage

Struggling to get your epuipment on the shootingspot? We help you to truck, fly or ship them to any place.


Any type of accommodation in the world, we arrange it for you.


We handle your needed traveldocuments, help you get in touch with local handlers or tourism agencies ….

Technical knowledge

Ticket exchanges, load capacity, transporting film & production equipment, airline checks and routines … we know what we’re talking about.

Expert in flights

If some routes between 2 cities aren’t operated by regular flights or the size of the production is just too big, no worries! We charter a plane for you from any place in the world to your destination.

Reality VS Fiction

Reality show exits/eliminations call for flexible travel. The Sixth Sense is on standby all day long, you can count on us! If you’re shooting fiction, we’ve got your back as well focussing on continuity, last minute changes, no matter what time span.

Proud to work for …

We are proud of the various productions with which we have been able to collaborate in recent years. These are just a few of our many references

… and many others!

About us

Our industry is all about flexibility. We specialize in transport solutions for the creative industries, with dedicated staff that understands the unique demands of the entertainment industry. We specialize in moving productions to any corner of the world at the best price and offers you the freedom you need with a personal and dedicated agent for all your requirements.

Our service includes (but is not limited to):

Specially negotiated and preferred travel rates One dedicated travel manager Management of complex international itineraries 24/7 emergency assistance Flexible bookings and changes Equipment transport with your crew or via cargo Excess luggage management Coordination of flights, hotels and transportation Performance and tour spreadsheets for easy reference Private online platform

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